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Boarding Prices* (from 1 February  2021)

Please Note:- All Prices quoted are INCLUSIVE of VAT: please note that the prices can be changed at any time without notice. All dogs get a country walk, included in the price, in our 5-acre site

Extra Small Dog

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Mini Pinscher

Small Dog

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Jack Russell

Medium Dog

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Cocker Spaniel

A Typical Day in the life of a Dog boarding at Honeybottom Kennels*

7.00 - My kennel is opened up and I'm let out into my run for the toilet and say good morning to the humans. While I'm out doing morning business, the humans are cleaning my bedroom and preparing my breakfast.

8.00 - I go back into my bedroom to eat my breakfast and it sounds like the humans are cleaning my outside run after my morning toilet so its fresh for the day. 

9.00 - Now my breakfast has had time to settle, my kennel is opened up for me to play and enjoy the fresh air all day inside and out. 

10.00 - Looks like my neighbours are starting to be walked, I'm so excited because it will be my turn soon!! They have this lovely big field with lots to see and smell but for my safety I'm kept on my lead. It's my favourite time of day to spend some one on one time with the humans. I love walking past the horses in the field from the stables next door. 

12.00 - Some of my neighbours have checked out and the humans are deep cleaning the kennels. Ready for some new friends to arrive!

14.00 - I've had a nice relaxing afternoon chilling in my kennel and chatting to the neighbours. 

15.00 - Sounds like some of my daycare friends are starting to go home but I'll see them again tomorrow. 

16.00 - I can hear my dinner bowl .. I think the humans are starting to prepare dinner for me and my friends. 

17.00 - DINNER IS SERVED .. I'm getting so excited I nearly jumped in my water bowl!! 

18.00 - The humans have been round and collected all the dinner bowls and washed them, ready for breakfast time tomorrow. 

19.00 - Now my daycare friends have gone home, its time to wind down for the evening and I can hear my favourite tune playing on the radio. 

20.00 - Humans have come round to top up all our water bowls, check the temperature of the kennels and pops the lights on. 

21.00 - Oh, yummy!! Bed time biscuits and final cuddles before I'm tucked up in bed for the evening. Sounds like they have set the alarms to keep us all safe and secure so I can sleep soundly knowing the machine is on guard. 

*We can tailor the daily routine to suit your dogs need if needed.


Two or more dogs sharing get 10% discount

Honeybottom Kennels Single Night Stays

Going out for the night and need to pop you dog in, no problem, here are our single night prices
One dog, £25 inc VAT
Two dogs sharing the same kennel, £40 inc VAT.